About us

Our history

In 2016, under the visionary leadership of Leonardo Filho, Trato Tecnologia began its journey in the IT consulting and software development sector. With extensive experience gained since 2012 in Europe, our founder brought profound knowledge in IT, international finance, and project management, performing system integrations with renowned banking institutions and implementing innovative solutions, such as that of a European Digital Bank.

Expanding rapidly beyond borders, today we mark our global presence in countries such as Brazil, the United States, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, among others. Our portfolio ranges from the development of scalable, high-quality web solutions to participation in projects of various sizes and sectors.

Our achievements include complex financial projects, initiatives in commodities and education, as well as more straightforward projects such as websites and applications.

Each step in our journey is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that every high-value business proposal is a successful partnership with our clients.

Our Technologies Encircle the World

Trato orbit stack animation

At the heart of our commitment to global excellence is a diverse suite of advanced technologies that encircle the world in a myriad of industries and applications. Our technological arsenal includes cutting-edge software development tools, cloud computing platforms, and the latest in AI and machine learning algorithms. We leverage robust, scalable solutions to ensure that our clients can tackle the most complex challenges, whether that’s through sophisticated data analysis, innovative app development, or transformative digital experiences. Our technology stack is continuously evolving, embracing the latest advancements to keep our clients ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our approach is holistic and integrated, ensuring that every solution we deploy operates seamlessly within the broader technological ecosystem. We understand that in a globally connected world, our technologies must not only be advanced but also interoperable and adaptable.  We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, using our global reach and technological prowess to empower businesses, uplift communities, and drive progress worldwide.

Meet our team

Leonardo Filho

Project manager

Karla Marques

Executive manager

Tiago Bitencourt

Full Stack developer

Pedro Henrique

Full Stack developer

Gustavo Lage

Full Stack developer

Henri Joel

Commercial assistent